Tomioka Warehouse No.3 Warehouse

Japan Gunma Tomioka
© Kawasumi • Kobayshi Kenji Photograph Office
This wood-frame warehouse in Tomioka, famous for the silk industry and the Tomioka Silk Mill (completed in 1910), has been renovated and seismically retrofitted as a multipurpose facility serving as a core for the community and connected to the adjacent Tomioka City Hall (2018). To expose the structural framework of the pre-existing warehouse and the walls, and make them the centerpieces of the space, carbon fiber - both lightweight and stronger than metal - was used for seismic retrofitting rather than cold, crude metal. Carbon fiber in a cat's cradle formation added to the old wooden framework gives the old- fashioned building a light, friendly atomosphere.
Architectural design: Kengo Kuma and Associates
Structural design: Ejiri Structural Engineers
Facility design: P.T. Morimura and Associates
Constructor: Sato Sangyo