Keio Takaosanguchi Station

Japan Tokyo Hachioji
© Kawasumi • Kobayshi Kenji Photograph Office
Takaosanguchi Station on the Keio Line is the closest station to Mount Takao, a sacred site in Tokyo. It has been thoroughly renovated with a large timber roof to create a woody gateway suitable for this sacred place.
Timber ribs affixed to the underside of the large roof's eaves give it a rhythmic quality, and the ribs extend into the interior of the station building to the platform, giving the entire station a consistent identity. The light, delicate rhythm produced by the timber ribs gives the pre-existing concrete and steel station building a completely different look and texture.
The platform is equipped with East Asian lamp-type lighting inspired by the traditional lanterns of Mount Takao, and the lighting effect gives the train station, a building type that tends to be purely functional, a pleasant, comfortable quality suitable for an entrance to a spiritual sanctuary.
Architectural design: Kengo Kuma and Associates, Keiko Construction
Structural design: Ejiri Structural Engineers
Constructor: Keio Construction