Kyushu Geibun-kan Museum (Main Building)

Japan Fukuoka Chikugo
This new hub for culture is linked directly to Chikugo-Funagoya Station on the Kyushu Shinkan­sen high-speed rail line. The concept was to connect the cultural facility to the local community by constructing it at a village-like scale, and with village-like scenery featuring a series of small rooftops, instead of a conventional box-style museum. In the center is a courtyard surrounded by greenery and art, a space resembling a village square where people gather and interact. The design enables mobility, as people are able to proceed from the station to the Chikugo River through the plaza of the facility. Various materials were used for the roofs, in an effort to approximate the diversity and multiplicity of a village.
Architectural design: Kengo Kuma and Associates, Nihon Sekkei
Structural design: Nihon Sekkei
Facility design: Sanken Sekkei
Constructor: Kajima JV