Tobata C Block Project

Japan Fukuoka Kitakyushu
©Kouji Okamoto
This project in the Tobata area of Kitakyushu City was designed as a single hill, with an elevated garden-type overall structure on which the Tobata Ward Office, multi-family housing, housing for the elderly, and a nursery school stand like pavilions on the greenery-topped hill. Seen in cross-section, the green hill descends to the ground level in steps, and connects smoothly to the park in front. During the Tobata Gion Oyamagasa dance festival held every year, the stairs are used as bleachers for spectators and the hill becomes part of the festival space.
The combination of functions, from a nursery school to a housing for the elderly, produces a green hill on which people of all age groups interact.
Architectural design: Kengo Kuma and Associates, Takenaka Corporation
Structural and facility design: Takenaka Corporation
Constructor: Takenaka Corporation